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Tree Care Guide

The Art and Science of Pruning Trees

Many homeowners ask themselves the same question each year: Do I need to have my trees pruned? The answer is probably so. Do you want your tree to look it’s best? Do you want your trees to be healthy? Of course you do!


Here are some specific reasons why you should invest in professional tree pruning.


1. Your tree probably needs a “haircut”. By the time Spring rolls around, the trees on your property may be looking a little unkempt. Branches may be growing in weird directions or simply need to be trimmed. But which branches should you cut and how do you cut them properly? If you don’t know the answer, it’s best to call in the pros. True Arborists go to college and learn the science behind pruning and the technical skills to do it properly. If you’re hiring a local tree service, be sure to ask about their education and training. You wouldn’t trust an amateur to cut your hair and your trees shouldn’t have to settle either.


2. Your trees may need to see a doctor. A tree doctor that is. A young tree should be pruned each year so that it grows strong, with sturdy roots. If a tree is showing signs of disease, pruning is important to stop the damage from spreading. Pruning can also help to save a diseased tree by giving healthy branches more water and nutrients. Saving a tree with professional pruning is a lot easier than removing it.


3. You want attractive and safe trees. Beautiful, healthy trees are an asset to your property and can increase it’s value. Lafayette Arborist Jeremy Frederick has practiced the craft of pruning for 20+ years. He and his team take pride in helping your trees develop into lovely living works of art. It’s not just about beautifying your trees though. Pruning can improve your view as well. Over time, trees can block your view of sunsets, water, pastures, craw fish ponds etc., and pruning can fix that. Unpruned trees can also become a hazard when branches become heavy and weak possibly falling on your beautiful car or home. Unpruned trees naturally build up deadwood and as the canopy ages this deadwood along with many other cuts must be properly made to increase air circulation in the canopy to reduce wind stress on the tree. Again, professional pruning in the Spring can save you lots of money and hassle when hurricane season arrives in the Fall.


It may be tempting to grab a chainsaw and start hacking up your trees yourself to save a few bucks but calling Green Leaf Tree Service is a much better and safer option. Just call (337) 519-3156. We have tree service teams in Lafayette and Baton Rouge waiting to serve you.