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Tree Care Guide

Caring for Your Louisiana Oak Trees

You want to have a beautiful property, and you likely want to have some large trees that can provide shade and improve the aesthetic value of the place. Oak trees are a fantastic option. Whether you have young oaks or old, majestic trees on the property, you will want to be sure you provide proper oak tree care for them.

Oak Tree Pruning in Baton Rouge

What Types of Oaks Are Found in Louisiana?


You will find many different types of oak trees growing throughout the state of Louisiana. Some of the most common oaks you will find include the Nuttall oak, southern red oak, blackjack oak, post oak, live oak, and the laurel oak. Some of the other types include black oak, Shumard oak, and the cherry bark oak.


Although there are different types of oak in Louisiana, you will find that all of them can grow to impressive heights. The live oak is one of the most popular types of oak in the state, and it can grow up to 85’, although most of the specimens are typically between 50’ and 60’. The canopies of these trees can spread out to 100 feet.


Regardless of the type of oaks you have on your property in Louisiana, you will want to make sure that they are cared for properly. It helps to keep them strong and looking great.


Professional LA Arborists Provide the Best Care


Oak trees are wonderful to have on your property, but they can sometimes be hard to take care of on your own. This is particularly true when it comes to pruning them and ensuring you are keeping the trees healthy. Fortunately, you don’t have to do it on your own. Instead, you can always work with a professional arborist. They have the knowledge and experience it takes to provide oak tree pruning and to ensure your trees remain healthy and look great without becoming a hazard.


Get in Touch with Green Leaf Tree Service


Green Leaf has a heavy crane, as well as professional pruning equipment. This makes it fast and easy for the tree professionals to take care of the pruning without you needing to worry about your property getting torn up. Proper oak tree care is the perfect way to ensure that your property remains beautiful and that the trees are healthy.


The company has two locations – one in Lafayette and one in Baton Rouge. To contact the company and get a free estimate, you can visit the website at GreenLeafTreeExperts.com or call 337-519-3156.


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Louisiana Oak Tree Service
Louisiana Oak Tree Service